5/15/2017 3:58:32 PM

Being reimbursed for damages for flooding might be a little trickier than some municipalities realize. There's red tape to wade through and Bonnechere Valley Township has learned they'll only be reimbursed if expenses exceed 3% of the tax base. Initially, council members were not worried about the number, Bob Peltzer was confident the costs would mount up, especially once they factor in waived tipping fees and additional hours put in by members of their fire department. However, a quick review of the policy guidelines set by the province revealed discouraging news. Waived tipping fees are not eligible for reimbursement and staff hours can only be claimed once they've worked overtime. The news clearly frustrated Mayor Jennifer Murphy. She, council and staff are doing all they can to lessen the financial impact on their rate payers. There is a very real concern clean up efforts could have implications on the budget if the municipality doesn't exceed that 3 percent to qualify for financial reimbursement. And that information won't be known until the water completely recedes and the extent of damages has been assessed. However, local political leaders should have more information following a meeting with the province tonight at the Horton Community Centre.

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