3/8/2018 3:51:52 PM

City council's salary numbers are out for 2017. Pembroke council released last year's remuneration report during Tuesday's (Mar 6) council meeting. Mayor Mike LeMay was at the top of the list at $41,140.27, made up of an honorarium of $36,354.29, and administrative allowance of $2,080 and the rest is made up by chairing committees, being part of Renfrew County's health committee and money for conferences and meetings. Deputy Mayor Ron Gervais made $32,982.72 of which $18,827.12 was an honorarium and the rest was administrative allowance and money from being on various boards. The rest of the breakdowns for the other members of council are similar with Pat Lafreniere making $22,839.91, John McCann making $21,679.56, Andrew Plummer getting paid $28,451.12, Christine Reavie making $29,105.38 and Les Scott bringing in $32,272.05. In total, council was paid $208,471.01 for 2017.

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