3/12/2018 1:38:47 PM

The Local Share proposal has mixed reviews in Pembroke Council Chambers. A resolution came before council at the March 6th meeting asking the city to send a letter in support of the initiative spearheaded by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. The idea behind Local share is to see a one per cent harmonized sales tax (HST) increase that would provide annual, sustainable funding to municipalities to cover growing infrastructure costs across the province. There were some concerns that large city centres like Toronto and Ottawa would gobble up large chunks of the funding while smaller municipalities wouldn't get enough to cover major project costs, but regardless, most were in support of Local Share. However, Councillor John McCann was opposed, saying this would be like pouring gasoline on the fire and that he doesn't trust the Ontario government to operate this fairly. Deputy Mayor Ron Gervais is also strongly opposed and says he can support ideas for sustainable funding but can't support something that would hurt local taxpayers and businesses. Gervais called for a recorded vote that saw only him and McCann vote against the letter in support of Local Share.

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