5/17/2018 8:48:07 AM

Things got heated at Deep River council last night (Wed) as a report from the integrity commissioner was discussed publicly for the first time. Local resident Larry Dumoulin had filed code of conduct complaints against councillor Jason McAuley, saying that due to his employment at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and the fact that he's a volunteer firefighter in Laurentian Hills, he's in a conflict of interest. Dumoulin also filed complaints against the rest of council for not reporting McAuley's alleged conflict of interest. The integrity commissioner found that McAuley did not violate the code of conduct, and the councillor says he expects an apology from Dumoulin.


McAuley ssays Dumoulin not only slandered his reputation in the community but also with his employers. When McAuley and Reeve Glenn Doncaster called for a public apology following the report, Dumoulin exclaimed, 'don't hold your breath.' He has a simple response to McAuley's threat of a defamation of character lawsuit.


This process could be carried on further if Dumoulin chooses to file a complaint under the MCIA, a decision that would be carried out through the courts.

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